Cashew apple purée

Are you a juice and food manufacturer or a co-packer looking for Cashew purée in Canada? You’ve come to the right place.

Cashew Apple is a native fruit of tropical America and is easily found in North and Northeast of Brazil. The fruit puree/fruit pulp can be used to make juices, ice cream, wine, liqueur and sweets. Cashew is harvested from August to January.

The taste of cashew products such as juices, nectars, and ice cream can be described as refreshing. The Brix is usually around 9-10%. A suggested pairing for cashew apple is orange juice. These two ingredients work well together in a juice blend.

In Canada we can supply cashew apple puree in 100g bags, 1 kg bags and 180 kg drums. We are able to offer organic and conventional cashew apple puree that can be either pasteurized or unpasteurized. Our supply capacity is 300 tons.

Cashew apple is a potent anti-oxidant. The boosters in this super fruit are vitamin C and mineral salts.

Cashew Apple

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