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About Us

At LinkusGlobal, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highestquality, nutrientdense, natural andorganic foods available. It is our goal to provide everyone with healthier food and ingredient options that also maximize taste.

Our current product portfolio comprises four categories:

1. Chef-Created Gourmet Salts:

(a) Small Pyramid Crystal;
(b) Hollow Pyramid Crystal;
(c) Flower of Bali;
(d) Pink Himalayan Flakes;
(e) Tamarind Smoked; and
(f) Longan Smoked

Organic Dried Golden Berries


• All Natural
• First-Rate Quality and Purity
• GMO-Free
• No Artificial Ingredients
• Traditionally Sourced

2. Chef-Created Complete Seasoning Mixes:

(a) Roasted Garlic and Sweet Onion;
(b) Sun-Dried Tomato and Thai Basil;
(c) Galangal Lemongrass w/Roasted Coconut;
(d) Roasted Espresso Cacao;
(e) Yuzu Citrus; and
(f) Thai Tropical Truffle


• All Natural
• First-Rate Quality and Purity
• GMO-Free
• No Artificial Ingredients
• Traditionally Sourced

3. Organic Superfoods:

(a) Camu Camu Powder;
(b) Golden Berries;
(c) Lucuma Powder;
(d Yacon Pieces;
(e) Yacon Powder; and
(f) Yacon Syrup


• Healthy
• High-Fibre
• Low in Sugar
• Nutrient-Dense
• Sustainably Sourced
• Vegan

4. Organic Maple Syrups and Sugars:

(a) Grade A Golden;
(b) Grade A Amber;
(c) Grade A Dark;
(d) Grade A Very Dark; and
(e) Maple Sugar


• Gluten-Free
• Low Glycemic Index
• Non-GMO
• Single Source
• Vegan

We are adding new brands and products to provide clients with complete meal preparation options. (Currently, this is forecasted to include Organic Vegan Chocolates, Organic Pistachio Pesto, and Organic Cassava-Based Flours and Ready-Mades. However, given our worldwide reach and constant search for uniquely healthy foods, other tasty options may instead grace our cupboards.)

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The Linkus Global Advantage

When you buy from Linkus Global, you’re gaining the trusted benefits embodied in the Seven (7) Critical Advantages we are known for:

We source the finest ingredients worldwide. Our nutrient-dense foods are the highest-quality options available. Plus, Linkus and our supplier-partners adhere to several rigorous food safety standards, including GMP, HACCP, and BRC Global Standards.

A better product for a better price. With Linkus Global, paying a little bit more means getting a whole lot more. If short-term cost isn’t your only concern, our carefully crafted product selections can help improve your longer-term outlook.

At Linkus Global, we specialize in unique, healthy, natural foods — many of which are exclusive to our North American divisions (i.e., you won’t find the same product anywhere else on the continent).

Nearly all our foods are certified or are naturally Organic and Non-GMO. Plus, most are also suitable for Vegan, Gluten-Free, Keto, and Raw Food diets, allowing you to meet the dietary concerns of every customer.

Our natural, nutrient-dense foods offer the healthy alternative you and your customers have been asking for — all while adding an incredible flavour boost to every meal or product.

At Linkus Global, we cater to clients of every size — across retail, food service, wholesale, and manufacturing sectors — providing a personalized service that ensures you’re more than just another customer. We also have size and quantity options, and can customize an ingredient profile for your unique product formulations.

We work with and support native growers worldwide. This helps them protect their communities and helps them maintain control of their ancient foods and knowledge — which we can then share with you and your customers.

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Our Mission

At Linkus Global, our products are designed and selected to help everyone eat healthier… naturally. We believe healthy food should always be delicious, simple, and natural. Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing taste — and it should never be difficult or require artificial processes.

For us, eating healthier is at the heart of helping everyone live a better life. However, we also believe in extending that promise to all stakeholders. It’s why our brand message is “Nurture Life” — and why we are committed to the success of everyone we are connected to, from our community and customers to our suppliers and partners.

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