Organic Yacon Pieces – Pieces and Powder

Organic Yacon Pieces – Pieces and Powder

If you’re looking for Dried Organic Yacon in Canada, the United States, or Europe, Linkus offers two suitable options: Organic Yacon Pieces (a.k.a.,Chips, Flakes, Slices) and Organic Yacon Powder (Flour). Both options are dehydrated from fresh roots and are an excellent and healthy way to add sweetness and fibre (fiber) to your recipes and product formulations.

On farms in the Andean Mountains, our supplierpartners organically grow traditional, naturally nonGMO Yacon Roots. These roots are then processed using timehonoured native methods adjusted to modern food science practices.

It’s a big part of the reason we can say we have the best Dried Organic Yacon in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

Dried Organic Yacon Benefits

Linkus Dried Organic Yacon Pieces and Powder offer almost all the same possible health benefits as our industrybest Organic Yacon Syrup. 

As with Yacon Syrup, most of the benefits from Dried Organic Yacon come from the high levels of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS). This unique type of carbohydrate has prebiotic properties and is the main reason Yacon is considered a superfood.

Of course, while FOS gets most of the credit, the high levels of Potassium and Phenolic Compounds found in Yacon also contribute to several reported health benefits*.

Some of the main healthrelated reasons people consume Dried Organic Yacon are to:

• Improve Gut Health;

• Support Weight Loss Goals;

• Boost the Immune System; and

• Reduce Digestive Issues

Dried Organic Yacon Pieces and Powder provide different ways to integrate this superfood into your recipes and product formulations. Either option offers both a sweetness and a health boost**.

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Dried Organic Yacon Uses

Linkus Dried Organic Yacon Pieces and Powder can each replace lesshealthy ingredients while maintaining much of the sweetness your consumers enjoy. For instance, if you traditionally use dried fruit in your formulations, Yacon Pieces make an excellent alternative.

Dried Organic Yacon Pieces and Powder give food manufacturers and foodservice buyers two unique ways to meet the demands of their healthand dietconscious consumers. Each one offers a mild sweetness with almost none of the drawbacks of other sweettasting ingredient options.

Linkus Dried Organic Yacon Pieces (Chips, Flakes, Slices) are suitable for:

• Chocolates

• Ice Creams (Vegan & Dairy)

• Integral Cereals

• Keto Bars


• Trail Mixes

• Yogurts (Vegan & Dairy)

Meanwhile, our Dried Organic Yacon Powder (Flour) is suitable for:

• Beverages

• Cereals

• Desserts (Raw)

• Energy Bars

• Food Bars

• Smoothies

• Snacks

Linkus Dried Organic Yacon Powder can also be used as an alternative sweetener in lowheat applications.

As with our other superfoods, our Dried Organic Yacon selections can also be a great choice for families or larger groups (including schools, community organizations, and local sports teams). Anyone who wants to eat healthier without sacrificing taste will want to consider this option**. Plus, buying in bulk allows for a very costeffective price point for groups of individual consumers.

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Dried Organic Yacon Traditions/Background

At Linkus Global, our Organic Yacon is grown high in the Peruvian Andes. This is the traditional home of Yacon, where it’s still grown and harvested by hand using ancient local knowledge passed down through countless generations.

Our roots are then processed in a modern, GMPand HACCPcertified facility that is right next to the Yacon farms. This reduces our environmental footprint and ensures every root is harvested only when it is ready. It’s how we maximize quality and nutrition and ensure we can offer the best Dried Organic Yacon in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

To request a sample of our Koshercertified Dried Organic Yacon Pieces or Powder or get more information (including technical data sheets and pricing), please fill out our contact form. At Linkus, we supply organizations of all sizes, from homebased food businesses to national manufacturers. Ask about our competitive pricing, custom order sizes, and ability to ship toalmost anywhere in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

Dried Organic Yacon Nutritional/Health Notes

*Everyone reacts differently to natural products. Two people, even from the same family, can get different results based on their condition, stage of life, metabolism, and other factors. We always recommend speaking with your healthcare provider to determine what is right for you.

*If you don’t regularly consume highfibre foods, we strongly recommend trying a small amount of Yaconto start with. The level of FOS in Linkus Dried Organic Yacon can produce incredible health benefits, butcan also produce an uncomfortable surprise in people who are not used to foods that are this high in fibre(fiber). For firsttime users, Yacon is often best consumed as part of an overall recipe