Açai Concentrate

Thinking about a new beverage recipe? Açai concentrate might be the right ingredient for you.

Northern Brazil is homeland of açai. The Brazilian state of Pará is where the palm açai grows in abundance.

The taste of açai fruit is quite unusual; imagine combining raspberries, blacberries and some walnut. Naturally, açai is not sweet.

Açai is rich in antioxidants, iron, vitamins B1 and E.

Uses and Applications
Açai is recognized for its functional properties and used in food (including beverages) and nutraceutical products.

The harvest season for this fruit is between July and December

What’s so good about it?
Açai has potential to agitate the detrimental effect of fat in the diet and alleviate oxidative stress in aging.

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing juices, spirits, or fruit infused drinks, this product has the potential to give your product an edge. It’s natural and organic certified, has taste, is loaded with antioxidants and consumers like it. It would be our pleasure to assist you answer any questions you may have. We invite you to contact us.

Açai tree