Consulting (for Manufacturers, Government organizations, Trading companies)

Through our experience in working with professionals in manufacturing, policy and business environments in Brazil and Canada we can help you  differentiate your products or services abroad, tell others about you, and provide market intelligence strategies to have your customers coming back. Click here to ask us how.

Import/Export Services
  • Distributor Management
  • Pricing and promotional development
  • Logistics and warehousing (fulfillment operations)
  • Brand Management
  • Trade shows

Regulatory compliance and market access

  • Packaging advice
  • Regulatory issues (import rules, language requirements, CFIA, border rules)
  • Market intelligence
  • Formats
  • UPC
Do you have a finished natural product? Have you considered reaching out to consumers in the US, Canada and the UK? We can help you brand your product on-line, establish fulfilment operations abroad and test your product in international markets.