For Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Linkus Global Inc., is proud to offer unconventional, natural, organic and high-quality products to manufacturers in Canada. We are committed to supporting communities that we work with and upholding high-quality manufacturing standards.

Our Fruit pulps, purées and freeze dried powders are USDA Organic, Kosher, Halal, GMP,  HACCP, ISO 2200 and GMA Safe certified.

We are happy to offer you the following ingredients:

Açai extract

Açai Freeze Dried Powder

Açai Purée

Acerola Purée

Acerola Freeze Dried Powder

Camu-camu purée

Cupuaçu purée

Cupuaçu Freeze Dried Powder

Guava Purée

Passion Fruit Purée

Pineapple purée


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