FOS in Food Applications

What are Fructooligosacchrides (FOS) and what are the benefits?

* FOS is recognized as a soluble fiber
* FOS is slightly sweet (1/3 of the sweetness of sucrose)
* FOS is a prebiotic: promote the growth of beneficial microbes in the gut
* FOS has a low caloric value (1/2 of the calories of sugar)
* FOS is not a sugar

What is the richest natural source of FOS?
Yacon is the richest natural source of FOS

Why would you use yacon syrup, yacon powder or yacon flakes in food applications?

* Yacon products add plenty of soluble fiber to any food application (for example, 30% of weight of yacon syrup is in the form of FOS)

* FOS are prebiotics and promote gut health

* Yacon syrup is sweet and has excellent flavour. In food application this is important as yacon syrup can raise the fiber levels of a product and adds sweetness without raising sugar levels

* Yacon syrup can substitute ingredients that provide fiber and sweetness

* Yacon products do not add fat to food applications

* The sugar content is low (3g/10g)

* There is scientific evidence that examines and shows that consumptions of yacon syrup helps with weight loss, lowering LD cholesterol, constipation, overall health and the reduction of resistance to insulin.

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