If you are a café, restaurant, bakery, smoothie shop, or other small food-based business and are thinking about adding Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup to your recipes, there are 10 reasons why you should — and two reasons why you shouldn’t.

If your business caters to healthy eaters — particularly those who follow Raw Food, Vegan, Keto, or Gluten-Free Diets — Organic Yacon Syrup could be an ideal ingredient for many of your recipes. However, Yacon Syrup is not for everyone. So, we’ll also look at the two reasons why it might not be for your customers or business.

But first, the good news:

1. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Is a Superfood: Yacon Syrup’s status as a superfood comes from the fact that it provides an excellent source of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), an essential prebiotic. Of course, not all Yacon Syrups are created equal.

2. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Is a Market Leader: While others may claim to have high levels of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), at Linkus we’ve done the testing to confirm our Yacon Syrup is the market leader. Using the scientific method approved by the industry, Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup was found to have the highest levels of FOS. (It’s one of the reasons Linkus became a leading Organic Yacon Syrup Wholesaler in Canada and the United States).

3. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Is Gut Friendly: Organic Yacon Syrup is one of the best options available for helping people with their gut health. This is because Yacon Syrup contains FOS, a natural prebiotic that feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut.

4. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Has Additional Health Benefits: In addition to helping restore your gut microbiome, Organic Yacon Syrup has several other health benefits. For instance, the soluble fibre (fiber) in Yacon Syrup can help with digestive issues, such as constipation.


5. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Fits Many Dietary Preferences: If you’re running a food-based business, you probably stay up nights wondering what other dietary preferences your customers will come in with. One of the great benefits of Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup is that it’s an all-natural product with no additives. It may not be suitable for everyone’s dietary concerns, but it fits most people’s needs, including those seeking Raw Food, Keto, Vegan, or Gluten-Free options.

6. Linkus Yacon Syrup Is Organic and Non-GMO: If your business caters to healthy eaters, Organic and Non-GMO are likely deal-breakers with many of your customers. Fortunately, Linkus Yacon Syrup is Certified Organic at each stage of its growth, harvesting, processing, and packaging. And, our supplier-partners utilize plant sources that existed long before modern genetic engineering, making our product naturally Non-GMO.

7. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Is Traditionally Grown: Our supplier-partners in Peru follow the traditional practices Andean people have been using for hundreds of years. That’s why Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup comes from roots grown high in the Peruvian Andes. It’s why our yacon roots are still harvested by hand. And, it’s why our yacon is processed right next to the farmers’ fields, ensuring each batch is at the peak of its freshness.

8. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Is Worker Friendly: At Linkus Global, we don’t just use time-honoured Andean practices; we partner with local and native growers to ensure they have control over their traditional foods. These exclusive relationships ensure they can empower their workers and communities.

9. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Adheres to GMP and HACCP Guidelines: At Linkus Global, food safety and quality are essential foundations of our business model. From our farms right to your kitchens, our transparent process protects the quality and safety of our product at every stage.

That is why Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup is processed and packed in allergen-free facilities that are certified by HACCP and GMP.

10. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Provides the Best Value: In addition to providing the best Organic Yacon Syrup on the market, Linkus Global is committed to working with each customer to ensure their needs are met. This focus on quality, value, and personalized service is yet another reason why we became a leading Organic Yacon Syrup Distributor in Canada and the United States.

Why Yacon Syrup Is Not for Your Business

Of course, as good as Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup is, there are two main reasons why it might not be suitable for your business and customers.

1. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Has Too Much FOS and Fibre (Fiber): Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Sadly, yes. If your customers are just starting to eat healthy, the high levels of fibre (fiber) and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup might be too much for their digestive systems to handle.

If you still want to include Yacon Syrup in your recipes, we suggest using smaller amounts and pairing it with another sweetener. That way, your customers can get used to the powerful benefits Yacon Syrup provides.

2. Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup Is Heat Sensitive: If most of your recipes require high temperatures or sustained heat, Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup might not be suitable for your business. When subjected to high heat for longer periods, FOS can be converted to sugar, negating some essential Yacon Syrup benefits.

Some of our customers work around this by using another sweetener during preparation and then adding Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup as a health-boosting topper.

Ready to Support Your Goals and Business

If you have more questions about whether Linkus Organic Yacon Syrup is right for your business or are ready to place your first business-boosting order, please contact our team today.